Our Products

At Magna Vita we offer premium probiotic solutions. Every product has been formulated by a team of probiotic experts, manufactured to the highest standards and selected based on latest research. Each of our products has been clinically formulated with naturally occurring probiotic strains offering up to 24-months of shelf stability.

   High Potency
Probiotic + Prebiotic
    50 Bln CPU, 12 proven      strains

Designed to rapidly replenish beneficial bacteria throughout the GI tract for digestive and immune support. Provides digestive and immune support during times of travel, medication use or high stress. Helps support the healthy digestion of lactose.

Women's Probiotic + Cranberry
10 Bln CPU, 5 proven strains

Urinary Tract + Vaginal + Digestive + Immune Health. Promotes vaginal health with probiotic strains naturally found in a healthy vaginal trac. Formulated with whole cranberry powder plus Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli to support the urinary tract and balance the vaginal flora.

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